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Encouraging responsible ownership, breeding, training, exhibiting and handling of quality Dachshunds in Western New York since 1967.

January 2016

As we begin this new year, my hope is that all our dachshunds are kept warm and safe as the snow is flying all around us.  They are our best friends, you know.

Welcome to this year’s Dachshund Club of Greater Buffalo.  We are a club that encourages proper care and training of our dachshunds, but much of the education at our meetings is applicable for all breeds.  We invite any dog lover to our meetings with the hopes that they will enjoy their dogs all the more with what they may learn.

Our AKC recognized club supports the responsible breeding and care for our dachshunds and presents information to help everyone with any questions about their dogs’ habits and training.  And if there is not someone present to help with any issues you may have, we will find the answer and bring someone in to help you.

Also as an AKC recognized club, we are required to hold an annual specialty show for dachshunds.  Our specialty is held each year at the end of September at Sampson State Park.  Those grounds are on beautiful Seneca Lake!  Anyone is welcome to come and camp and enjoy the show, the view, the shopping for dog items and of course the wineries in the area.

We also give our support to both the Buffalo Kennel Club and the Niagara Falls Kennel Clubs’ annual show in January at the Erie County Fair Grounds.

Also, remember that dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers by going down those varmints’ holes.  There are several events that our club supports to test our dachshunds for what they were bred for.  We have ‘field trials’ where they track rabbits (no rabbits are injured in this contest) and we have ‘earth dog events’ where dachshunds and other terriers go below ground to track rats(again, no rats are hurt) So, please feel welcome to join our meetings and learn everything you can about your dachshund.  Bring your dogs and your friends and expect to have a ball!

Holly York Schotz, President



Well, another year has started, although it still feels like the deep dark end of winter.  I know we are all hoping for a bright and sunny spring and getting those pups outside again! 

Our January specialty at the Buffalo Kennel Club’s annual show at the Fairgrounds Event Center was a tremendous success.  Several members showed their animals and several other members were there to cheer them on.  A grand time was had by all.

We have several great programs this year and look forward to sharing them with all dachshund enthusiasts and anyone else who loves dogs.  We are very fortunate to meet at a location that allows us to bring our dogs.  So bring yours and come along and meet new people and new dogs and enjoy a fun afternoon!

We are planning a new special outing for the first time.  Our friends are looking to celebrate their accomplishments at a celebration meal, no dog children allowed.  Full details to follow.  We also will be having a summer picnic and annual Christmas party.  All dates and locations will be found on the website. 

I will be traveling to California in May to the national show of our parent club, The Dachshund Club of America.  My two sisters are driving out at the end of April and I will be flying out to enjoy the camaraderie and joys of seeing some of the best Dachshunds in the land compete to be the very best.  We plan on taking several dogs with us and hope that someone, besides us, think they are winners!  The three of us will then be driving back across this great land of ours and sharing the sights and laughs with each other.  I truly look forward to this time with my family and friends I have met over the years.

I am also pleased to let our members know that while we thought that the “Wine Country Circuit” was moving to Syracuse as of 2014, they have decided to stay on with Sampson State Park for a few more years and so we will be planning a second Specialty this year, back at “Wine Country”.  We are always looking for help with this specialty, whether you can be there or just spend a few dollars for trophy support; we appreciate whatever you can do. 

Our club is here to help you better understand your dachshund and to share in the knowledge that others have about their dachshunds.  We encourage responsible ownership and respect and love for the breed.  So come along and bring your dog and plan on learning something while you are having fun!


Holly Schotz